Thursday, January 31, 2008

Memories of meat

Some experiences from childhood never leave us, and sometimes those experiences involve food: Grandma's macaroni salad, Mom's fried chicken, etc. One food from my childhood that I'll never forget was the barbecued beef sandwich at Weber's snack bar and ice cream stand, just past Lincoln Hill on Route 40 on the way to Claysville. The place had great french fries, soft-serve ice cream, burgers and jumbo fish sandwiches, but it was Mrs. Weber's barbecued beef that lingers in my mind. It's probably the single best sandwich I've ever eaten. The Weber family sold the business when I was still a youngster, and it went through several incarnations before burning to the ground a year or so ago. The food was still good the last time I was there, but it never approached the Weber's days. I would actually have to consider sacrificing an appendage if someone could get me the recipe for Mrs. Weber's crowning culinary achievement. Feel free to share your memories of long-gone restaurants and their signature dishes. I'm sure others will enjoy your recollections.



Blogger Harry Funk said...

I grew up in a small borough just outside of Harrisburg, and we kids often visited Bennett's, one of those old-fashioned drugstores with a lunch counter, complete with a vintage soda machine. (A dime for a "cherry phosphate.") For 35 cents, you could get a heaping scoop of Hershey's ice cream, drowned in chocolate and marshmallow sauce.

Hmmm ... maybe eating those helps account for my weight battles these days!

BTW, Bennett's is now a section of a specialty furniture store, selling neither soda nor sundaes.

February 5, 2008 at 4:46 PM  
Anonymous Long-suffering Wife said...

I grew up in East Washington and as a kid, one of the favorite activities was to beg my mom to let me cross the nasty intercestion of Beau, Thayer, North and South Wade and go to the corner store for ice cream. Over the years it went through many owners and names. I remember it being called Bards, Beau Mart II among others. Later it became a pizza place and then a bookstore. the building has since been torn down, but I fondly remember spending all the change I could find in the couch and on the sidewalk on ice cream sandwiches.

February 8, 2008 at 4:59 PM  

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