Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wide World of Scum

PriGuy had this to say in a recent e-mail to me regarding our discussion about the Olympics, and I thought it was worth sharing:

"I thought that Bolt guy is a colossal a$$hole even though he runs like he has Acme Jet Shoes on. And then there's that f@#$$%* Cuban taekwando guy who kicked the referee (Photo shown above). When we were younger, a bench-clearing brawl at a baseball game was a rare occurrence. There seems to have been more sportsmanship, more athletes abided by the rules - at least on the field. Then we get Latrell Sprewell. We have the animals on the Bengals, the Vikings and their famous cruise, a couple of minor-league baseball coaches making asses of themselves, thugs, crimes and now this anus at the Olympics. What I'm getting at is, is this part of the devolution of the civility in our society or is it just because now everyone and everything has a camera on them, and every network and media outlet is looking to fill the 24-hour news cycle? I don't want to sound like someone's great-grandpa, but I don't remember there being this much bad stuff going on in sports. Certainly the players and coaches respected the rules and the officials more than they did then. What do you think?"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pay 18 year old athletes multi-million dollar signing bonuses, pamper them from the time they show some talent, teach them that to lose is failure and allow them to pretty much what they want as long as they play well, and this is what you get.

On the subject of the Olympics, I hear they spent 80 billion dollars on the event. How much good could that money have done were it put into feeding people? I also saw a news piece showing that most of the Olympics venues built in Rome for the last Olympics are padlocked or crumbling. For example -- a softball stadium in a country where hardly anyone plays softball. Great sense of priorities shown by al nations.

August 24, 2008 at 1:36 PM  

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