Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Watching his sex drive "fly" away

Americans aren't the only ones who file frivilous lawsuits at the drop of a hat. Reuters reports from Ottawa that the Canadian Supreme Court recently tossed the case of a man who claimed he had no further interest in sex after seeing two dead flies in an unopened bottle of drinking water. The really insane thing is that a lower court had awarded $343,000 to Waddah Mustapha, who sued a bottling company for psychological harm. In addition to being off his feed when it came to making the beast with two backs, Mustapha said he found it difficult to force himself to bathe (Bugs coming out of the shower head?) and was troubled by visions of flies walking over, um, poop. But the high court opined, "Mr. Mustapha must show that it was foreseeable that a person of ordinary fortitude would suffer serious injuries from seeing the flies in the bottle of water he was about to (drink). This he failed to do." The key phrase here is "a person of ordinary fortitude." In other words, the court was telling Mustapha, "Quit being such a pansy and get on with your life." But the best part of the whole ruling is that Mustapha, while not only losing his lower-court award, must pay the costs of the case. A little more of that kind of justice here in America, and we might have fewer baseless lawsuits.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question is: What was that first judge smoking, man? More than 300K? I have to wonder what other craptastic rulings are on his resume.
- amanda (can't sign in for some reason)

May 27, 2008 at 3:36 PM  
Blogger PRIguy said...

If I'm going to proclaim publicly that I've lost interest in sex, it's going to be for a reason much better than seeing some flies in a bottle of water. It would be for something like being locked in room with a harem of insatiable nymphs for three or four years.

My father never, ever drank anything from a bottle or can. It didn't matter if the bottle was clear and he could see right through it. You see, when he was younger, he opened a beer in a brown glass bottle, tipped it up, and chugged it down. But he felt something strange go down his throat. He was drinking it so fast that it just disappeared and went straight into his belly. Until the day he died, he never knew what he swallowed from that bottle. Did he sue? No. I'm sure it never occurred to him. Did he lose his sex drive? I have two brothers and three sisters, so I guess not.

We need more of this kind of no-nonsense courtroom action. I imagine that this fellow would have been awarded millions of dollars had this case been heard in the U.S. If flies walking across poop killed his sex drive and kept him from sleeping, what does road kill do to him? More important, whom does he sue if he sees road kill??? I'm calling the ACLU. I'm sure those whackos can find an angle.

May 27, 2008 at 4:00 PM  

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