Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pack it in, ladies

They just can't let it go. Supporters of Hillary Clinton whined all the way through her failed Democratic nomination fight against Barack Obama. Now some of them are crying about Obama's decision to name Sen. Joe Biden, and not Hillary, as his running mate. The reason the headline on this item refers to "ladies" is that the vast majority of those who refuse to move on appear to be women. I understand their pain. They thought that one of their "sisters" was going to bust through the political glass ceiling, win the nomination of a major political party and ascend in glory to the White House. It didn't happen, so quit bitching about it. And if you're looking to lay some blame, place it right at the feet of your beloved Hillary. Going into the primaries, your candidate had a huge pile of cash and the support of Democratic pooh-bahs from coast the coast. Pretty much everyone, she especially, thought it was a coronation, rather than a competition, and she pissed it all away. So, if you're angry with anyone, be angry at Hillary for putting together such a crappy campaign operation. The reaction to Obama's choice of Biden would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. Said Democratic strategist and Clinton crony James Carville, "There's no doubt that some people are going to view this as she is not being accorded respect." Geraldine Ferraro, the vice presidential candidate in one of the most crushing Democratic losses in history, said in an AFP report that Clinton supporters "are angry because they felt she was dissed during the campaign by the media. They felt very strongly that Obama people had run a very negative, sexist campaign." That's right. Your candidate and her organization stunk, so blame the media and the opponent, even if it's a pack of lies. Delusion can be a wonderful balm.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hillary's female supporters continue to whine and refuse to vote or vote for McCain rather than Obama out of spite, all they will do is perpetuate the myth that women don't belong in politics. This like refusing a life jacket on the Titanic because you told everyone it would sink.

August 24, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

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