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On America’s political right, it’s all the rage these days to be deliberately stupid. Witness the many Republicans and tea party advocates who believe that Barack Obama is 1) a Kenyan; and/or 2) a Muslim. Village idiot Sarah Palin (she would be the idiot in pretty much any village in which she chose to live) made up a lie about "death panels" in Obama's health-care program, and the masses of blithering simpletons who see her as some kind of hero to the common man – rather than the pandering font of ignorance she is – slurped it up like manna from heaven. Now comes a new poll showing that a majority of Republicans – 53 percent – don’t think there’s any evidence – NONE – of climate change. That's just plain dumb. It was only three years ago that nearly two-thirds of Republicans believed in global warming. Why the change? It's pretty clear that it's politically driven. Obama is in the White House, and anti-intellectual dolts like Palin are now worshipped by a significant segment of our populace, so if scientists say something is true, they're not to be trusted because they are “elitists.” In real English, that means they're smart, and we sure don't want to trust smart people. The truth is, as long as the big energy companies own a fair number of our lawmakers, especially on the Republican side, there will be no shortage of climate change deniers. Some of them are smart enough to know that truth is not on their side, but some are just dumb sheep who believe anything they hear from serial liars like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Palin. Just for the record, about 80 percent of Democrats and a majority of independents still believe global warming is real. So, unless the Republicans and tea partiers want to admit that their ignorance is deliberate, I'll just have to assume that there are fewer brain-dead fools among the Dems and independents than among the GOP/teabagger crowd.

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Blogger PRIguy said...

Global warming, or climate change (a new name since "global warming" had lost its ooomph as a title) are both politically and financially driven.

I am one of the most vehement complainers about this topic, but it's not because of Obama, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh or anyone else. It is absolutely true that we have done damage to the climate. To think otherwise is ludicrous. But as it is with any hot-button issue, the zealots on either side eventually start to exaggerate facts to prove their point.

Temperature fluctuations over decades are fact, as is damage to the ozone by burning fossil fuels. Brant makes some good points, but I think the most important thing to remember is that as with any topic to be debated, it's vital to learn what you can about it. To take Obama's word for it, or Palin, or Beck, or God forbid O'Reilley's or Hannity's, without looking somewhere else for information is just plain stupid.

I'm fairly conservative politically, but I'm also intelligent and pragmatic. Sarah Palin is a dolt. She has absolutely zero credibility with me. Neither does Obama, the senate, the House of Representatives, my local school board, none of them. I trust none of them. It's all about money, just as Brant noted with energy companies owning a fair number of our lawmakers. The same applies to the global warming zealots like Al Gore. There's money on both sides. Lots of it. And the nature of politics these days is all about power and money. Just like with toys when we were little, whoever has the most, wins.

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